Review: Priority Pass Access to Minute Suites Philadelphia

Priority Pass was always a useful tool though it used to be much more under the radar. Now it comes with myriad premium credit cards, and with complimentary access not just the cardmember but for guests in many cases as well.

One of the interesting options included with Priority Pass is access to the ‘Minute Suites’ facilities — in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and both locations (terminals A and D) at Dallas Fort-Worth.

I had some time to kill in the Philadelphia airport recently and walked over to the Minute Suites there. It’s located in the connector between terminals A and B, which is accessible to other terminals as well (I landed in C).

Priority Pass gets you one hour of use of a room.

Here’s the normal price list:

When you check in they take not just your Priority Pass card but also a credit card and ID. They’ll authorize your credit card but not charge it. If you stay more than an hour, each additional hour will cost you $28. And there are plenty of add-ons you can pay for while you’re there.

I was shown to my suite at the end of the hall.

Now, a Minute Suites room is just a small room. It has a desk and a couch-ish area. There’s no restroom in the Minute Suites and that’s one of the things I usually value most in a club lounge. You have to go out into the terminal to use a public restroom.

Note the items on the side table next to the couch. There’s a clock (great for keeping track of your flight — and knowing when your hour will run out!). There’s a box of tissues (I don’t want to think about a private room in an airport and a box of tissues). And there’s bottled water and music for sale.

At the desk is a television and also the code for complimentary wifi which worked fine, but was slow uploading photos.

Notable there’s individual temperature control for the suite.

I wouldn’t want to sleep on the couch here. You get pillows, no blanket. (Apparently there’s sheets and a blanket for longer stays.) It’s not super soft, but it’s functional.

Personally I prefer a private room to work in than an open lounge. I wish more than one hour was available, 90 minutes or two hours would be great. I found myself looking at my watch too much not wanting to go over 60 minutes. Maybe just a grace period…

I did find the staff very friendly checking me in and saying goodbye.

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