Scantily Clad Woman Steals Uber Driver’s Tips and Taxi Driver Snorts Cocaine During Ride

18 year old Gabrielle Canales was filmed inside a New York Uber — many Uber drivers do film their rides — stealing all the money out of the driver’s tip jar.

I’ve never ridden in an Uber with a tip jar. I also don’t want to deal with cash at the end of a ride. Lyft has long had a tipping option inside its app, and it’s something that Uber only recently introduced. The video was taken though after in-app tipping was introduced.

I wonder whether the jar was mostly seeded with the driver’s cash as a way of hinting to customers that they should add cash (you’ll often see cash in a tip glass at a bar, even when the bar first opens and no one has been served yet) or whether it’s money that was given by other passengers.

Here’s the bra clad woman grabbing all the cash as she gets out of the vehicle:

She claims she only took $5, and has been banned from Uber. Ms. Canales even posts about it on her Instagram page saying,

what i did to the uber driver and my social media have no correlation…this is your average teenager doing dumb shit and learning from her mistakes. is it because i am a woman? because boonkgang does the same thing and we both are minorities, so what’s the real issue?

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Passengers are awful, but of course all sorts of people are awful. Sometimes we hear horror stories about Uber drivers, and the taxi cartels hire PR firms to promote those stories (I get emails all the time) but of course if taxis were meeting transportation needs there wouldn’t have been an Uber in the first place.

Here a taxi driver headed from the Madrid airport into town snorts cocaine during the trip and by the way the tray he’s using for the coke is actually “the permit taxi drivers require for their job.”

I used to pick up cabs years ago at Washington Dulles after redeyes — and there’s a taxi monopoly at the airport — where drivers were drunk. At least with Uber I know who the driver is, they have a reputation (and a reputation to protect to stay on the platform), and there’s a clear record of the route the driver takes. That isn’t 100% protection but I generally feel safer with Uber than in a cab.

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