PSA: hates Google Chrome. Use Internet Explorer

I am writing this in hope of saving you a few hours of your life in frustration.  At least for me, is very buggy in Chrome and Firefox.  It wouldn’t let me login 95% of the time.  All of their pin reset functions also conveniently errored out.  After I called Iberia Plus call center, they were able to reset my pin, but a few minutes later it was denying my login again!  Finally, in despair, I remembered there was once a terrible web browser whose impotence overreached far too deep into society, but thankfully has been forced to retreat to hell where it belongs.   Could it be, that the face of Spain’s flag carrier in 2018, requires Microsoft Internet Explorer (ahhh!) to be resurrected from the deepest inferno, to be seen?  The thought sent a shiver down my spine.  Nonetheless, I proceeded to test the unthinkable hypothesis.  And I’ll be darned, it is true.  What the world’s best web browsers fail to deliver – a functional – could only be awoken by the Wretched Work of Evil Art.  Desperate and starving (and eager to transfer my avios to BA), I gave in. loves IE and hates Chrome.  The world disagrees, but what can you do.

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