Miles Away: Start Planning Your 2020 Ski Trips Now

The 2019 ski season has only just begun, but if you’re hoping to travel during peak periods when the kids are out of school next year — think Presidents Day in February or spring break in March — now’s the time to begin planning travel for early 2020 as well.

TPG Family editor Summer Hull (of Mommy Points fame) and UK-based contributor Kathleen Porter Kristiansen join me on the second episode of Miles Away to chat all things winter family travel, including planning trips to top resorts in the US and Canada, scoring deals on lift tickets, minimizing your costs using points and miles and much more.

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While you have plenty of options within the US as well, as Summer explains, value seekers may want to pay a visit to our neighbors to the north:

“I have different mountains I love for different things, and I think Keystone is a great all-around family mountain and affordable in a lot of different ways. I do also love Whistler if you want, like, almost pretty much guaranteed good snow for a lot of months out of the year. And the way that the dollar has been against the Canadian dollar, it’s not been nearly as expensive as skiing in Colorado.”

After you catch our latest episode, come on back here for more winter travel tips, including:

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