A Family Guide to Travel Visas

Written by Imani Bashir @ The Points Guy

Traveling abroad can feel like an endless list of checks and balances, especially when traveling with the family. Accommodation confirmation – check. Flight itinerary – check. Passports – check. Family – check (no Home Alone incidents!) However, even with all of that squared away, there’s another important item that we sometimes leave off the initial checklist that can be …

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Holiday Offer: Use This Promo Code to Get 10x Delta Miles on Lyft Airport Rides

Written by Darren Murph @ The Points Guy

Delta flyers have been collecting miles on each Lyft ride since mid-2017, with a tie-up between the two enabling linked accounts to earn one mile for every dollar spent on daily Lyft rides (excluding taxes, fees, tolls and tips) as well as three miles per dollar on all trips to/from airports. If you’ve yet to connect your …

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This New Starbucks Is a 23,000-Square-Foot Coffee Shrine With a Full Bar

Written by Jordan Allen @ The Points Guy

New Yorkers, rejoice! There’s a new place to get your caffeine fix. But this is not your typical grab-and-go Starbucks. On Friday, the ubiquitous coffee company will open its fourth mega roastery, this time in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Rather than a small corner café, this Starbucks sprawls across 23,000-square-feet on 9th Avenue and …

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One of the Biggest Meteor Showers of the Year Returns This Week — Here’s How to See It

Written by Laura Itzkowitz @ The Points Guy

One of the biggest celestial events of the year, the Geminid meteor shower, will return for its annual display on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. It’s a show guaranteed to dazzle. Nicholas Moscovitz, an astronomer at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, told Fox 12 News, “Thursday or Friday night around 2am is when the …

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The 15 Best Ski Towns in the US

Written by Josh Laskin @ The Points Guy

Admittedly, choosing the best ski town is a subjective affair. Some people only care about the town with the deepest powder, while others might prefer the town with no powder at all but the best microbreweries and spas. According to Michael Levine — a skier of nearly 60 years who has skied at almost 100 …

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7 Iconic Properties That Prove Hostels Can Survive in the US

Written by Brian Biros @ The Points Guy

The Points & Miles Backpacker is a weekly column appearing every Monday. TPG Contributor Brian Biros, who has backpacked the globe for the past 15 years, discusses how to fund this adventurous, budgeted and increasingly popular form of travel with points and miles. He’ll also explore all things backpacking-related. Read his story here and his high-level approach here. As a whole, …

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Travelers With Sinus Issues Beware: Brain-Eating Amoeba Death Linked to Neti Pot

Written by Max Prosperi @ The Points Guy

If you’ve ever traveled for an extended period of time, especially by air, you’ve probably suffered from the occasional bout of dry sinuses or worse, a sinus infection. One of the more popular and inexpensive solutions to combat the effects of a dry and stuffy nose is a neti pot. Neti pots flush out mucus and blockage …

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