Should You Select a Bulkhead Seat When Traveling With a Baby?

Written by Darren Murph @ The Points Guy

As someone who has flown more than a million miles, largely by myself or with my wife, I recently flew cross country for the first time with our adopted newborn. On one flight, I selected the bulkhead row, while I opted for a row just behind the bulkhead on the return. I was never a …

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Potty Break: Preparing Your Child for Toilets Overseas

Written by Kathleen Porter Kristiansen @ The Points Guy

It would be a shame to tackle saving your points, planning your travel, getting the time off work and school and surviving a long-haul flight with kids only to arrive on the other side of the world and realize that your child is ill-prepared to use the bathroom in an unfamiliar setting. I’ve taken my …

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The Best Places to Travel in May

Written by Lori Zaino @ The Points Guy

With summer in sight, your wanderlust may be heating up along with the temperatures. Luckily, May is the perfect month to travel, as it’s shoulder season in many places around the world. A number of destinations have beautiful, sunny weather that’s not too hot yet and are less inundated with tourists. In fact, May’s the …

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Why Some Travelers Do Their Soul Searching Abroad

Written by Melanie Lieberman and Lori Zaino @ The Points Guy

We’re partnering with Capital One on our Purposeful Travel Hub. If you have unique ways you like to give back when you travel or just love exploring new places with family and friends, we want to hear about it. Share your most treasured travel moments and purposeful travel tips with us using #MeaningfulMoments. “There’s something about the escape,” …

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How to Trek the Himalayas for $30 a Day

Written by Brian Biros @ The Points Guy

The Points & Miles Backpacker is a weekly column appearing every Monday. TPG Contributor Brian Biros, who has backpacked the globe for the past 15 years, discusses how to fund this adventurous, budgeted and increasingly popular form of travel with points and miles. He’ll also explore all things backpacking-related. Read his story here and his high-level approach here. There are mountains, …

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Unbelievable Castles From Game of Thrones You Can Visit in Real Life

Written by Yolanda Evans @ The Points Guy

The Lannisters, Starks and Tyrells live in remarkable castles that only seem possible in the magical, medieval realm of the Seven Kingdoms. But to bring these ancestral seats of the great Houses of Westeros to life, the production crew of “Game of Thrones” located spectacular palaces and fortresses around the real world for the show. …

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The 6 Most Exciting Announcements for Cruisers From Seatrade Convention

Written by Gene Sloan @ The Points Guy

If you’re a hardcore cruise fan, you probably already know this was the week of the industry’s annual monster meet-up in South Florida, known as Seatrade Cruise Global. Held this year at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the event drew more than 10,000 representatives from cruise lines, suppliers and destinations hoping to do deals involving …

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Your Advanced Guide to Maximizing Delta SkyMiles Award Tickets

Written by Darren Murph @ The Points Guy

For as much as Delta has done to improve its on-time performance, up-level its business class product with Delta One Suites and expand its Sky Club lounge network, the SkyMiles program has taken its fair share of knocks over the years. TPG values each SkyMile at 1.2 cents, ranking behind the 1.4 cents apiece he assigns …

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Tips From the World’s Most Frequent Flyer: Getting Some Rest in the Lounge

Written by Zach Honig @ The Points Guy

Tom Stuker, the world’s most frequent flyer, has flown more than 20,000,000 miles on United Airlines alone — a figure I’m now even less likely to ever approach. Tom’s a flying machine, though, and naturally that means he’s come up with some pretty solid tips to help improve his travel experience — and now yours. …

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A New 4,000-Mile-Long Trail Will Connect the East and West Coasts

Written by Josh Laskin @ The Points Guy

Forget the Appalachian Trail or an iconic road trip on Route 66. Soon, you’ll be able to bike or hike from coast to coast on an uninterrupted, 4,000-mile-long path. It’s being called the Great American Rail-Trail. A long-time vision of the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s (RTC) co-founder, David Burwell, the Great American Rail-Trail will utilize …

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