Dramatic Landing: Airbus A320-200 Skids Off Runway During Windy Approach

An Air Astana Airbus A320-200 skidded off a runway Thursday morning at Astana International Airport (TSE) in Kazakhstan.

Two dramatic videos posted on social media show Air Astana Flight 352 approaching the runway during strong wind gusts. Winds reportedly reached about 49 knots due to thunderstorms in the area near the airport.

One of the videos, taken by a bystander outside the plane, shows the aircraft approaching TSE’s runway 22 at an extreme angle due to heavy crosswind. Upon touching down, the plane crossed two taxiways and veers off the runway.

The other video shows the plane’s approach from inside the aircraft. Panicked passengers and heavy vibrations can be heard on board, as the A320 lands at a sideways angle. TSE shut down for about 40 minutes follow the incident. The aircraft suffered damage to one of its engines.

After the plane skidded, it was towed to the apron. None of the flight’s 97 passengers or nine crew members were injured in the incident, according to AvHerald.

Typically, pilots will use the airplane’s rudder to correct the direction the nose is pointing to ensure the plane stays on the runway as it slows down.

Featured image by Wikimedia Commons.

H/T: Airways Mag