US Airlines Are Getting Worse at Emitting CO2, Study Says

Written by Jessica Puckett @ The Points Guy

Airlines around the globe are failing to significantly reduce their carbon emissions, a new environmental report shows. US airlines in particular dropped several spots overall in a list of international airlines’ CO2 emission, compared to 2017’s numbers. Aviation accounts for about 2% of the world’s overall carbon dioxide emissions, according to the UN’s International Civil Aviation …

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United’s Adding Basic Economy to International Flights

Written by Zach Honig @ The Points Guy

Prepare yourself for more changes with United basic economy — and no, this time it isn’t good news. As suggested over the summer, beginning Dec. 11, United will be adding an expanded version of its basic economy product to select transatlantic flights. Currently, the airline offers a special “first bag charge/no changes allowed” booking category, that’s …

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“Buy” a Cheap Round-Trip Coach Flight to Europe or One-Way Business Class Flight to Europe for Under $550

Written by Joseph Hostetler @ Million Mile Secrets

Great deals like this latest British Airways Avios points sale pop up often.  Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss ’em. British Airways Avios points are a handy tool in the miles & points hobby.  That’s because you can use them to book flights on British Airways partners like American Airlines, Iberia, Japan Airlines, …

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Annoying! I Gave Delta $30 to Check My Bag, Then Saw 20+ People Get Their Bag Gate-Checked for Free (and What I Plan to Do About It)

Written by Meghan @ Million Mile Secrets

I’m normally a no-frills kind of gal.  I travel light and refuse to pay extra fees if I don’t have to.  But on this particular occasion, I decided to check my bag because I knew I was facing a short layover that would require me to change terminals.  And I’d stuffed my bag to the …

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Earn Elite and Lifetime Credits With United Basic Economy Fares

Written by Zach Honig @ The Points Guy

As the rare product that airlines actually don’t want you to purchase, United’s historically done just about everything it could to make basic economy as unappealing as possible. Finally, there’s a bit of good news on that front. United’s basic economy fares exclude seat assignments, carry-on bags, Economy Plus or first class upgrades — and, inexplicably, …

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The Best Programs for Booking Emirates Awards

Written by Ethan Steinberg @ The Points Guy

When it comes to award flights — and specifically premium-cabin redemptions — Emirates is among the most sought-after carriers. Thanks to products like the great first-class suite on the A380 and the updated first-class cabin available on some 777-300ERs, many points and miles enthusiasts make it a priority to redeem their hard-earned points and miles with the carrier. Fortunately, …

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What Does It Take to Earn United Global Services Status in 2018?

Written by Zach Honig @ The Points Guy

In addition to published top tiers, like American’s Executive Platinum, Delta Diamond and United Premier 1K, all three carriers offer an even higher level of status, reserved specifically for the biggest spenders. While accruing more Premier Qualifying Miles (PQMs) after reaching Premier 1K will earn you even more perks with United, when it comes to …

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Delta Doubles Down on Boston: Bigger Sky Club and New Routes

Written by Darren Murph @ The Points Guy

When Delta deems your local airport a “focus city,” watch out — the airline has shown time and time again that it’s willing to put in the effort to become a go-to carrier when it senses the market calling. As Delta has done in Seattle (SEA) and Raleigh-Durham (RDU), it’s planning to put yet another …

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Never Pay Extra Again: 6 Ways to Avoid Paying Checked Baggage Fees (Save $60 or More Round-Trip)

Written by Alex @ Million Mile Secrets

Checked luggage has increasingly become a revenue stream used by airlines to squeeze more money out of travelers.  But in 2018, every major airline, with the exception of Southwest, has increased their checked baggage fees to make it cost us even more to travel with checked bags. Most airlines are now charging $30 for your …

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Southwest is Close to Receiving ETOPS Certification

Written by Island Miler @ Jeffsetter Travel

We’re quickly ending the end of the year and Southwest tickets to Hawaii still aren’t available for sale.  What’s the holdup?  Certification.  But, according to a company executive, Southwest is close to receiving ETOPS certification. It’s been a long road to the start of Hawaii service for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines.  After years of speculation, they […]

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You Can Now Order Fondue on Swiss International Air Lines

Written by Alyssa Cerchiai @ The Points Guy

Swiss International Air Lines brought in a new iteration of its seasonal Swiss Saveurs menu on December 1, and one of its outrageous additions is cheese fondue. The best part? All classes, from economy to first, are welcome to indulge. This winter menu’s fondue is comprised of a traditional cheese ratio: Half Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese and …

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AA’s Snowball Express Returns to Bring a Little Holiday Spirit to Families of Fallen Military Service Members

Written by J. Scott Clark @ The Points Guy

The Gary Sinise Foundation’s Snowball Express, which gathers Gold Star families of fallen US military service members together at Disney World for five days of support and fun, was once again in full swing this weekend — and they certainly had the weather for it. This year, American Airlines flew 1,722 children and their guardians …

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Huge Bill For Leaving Cell On While On A Plane, Questionable AMEX Request, New Disney Food Experience & More

Written by joeheg @ Your Mileage May Vary

Happy Sunday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along. I’ve come up with my own way to filter throu…

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